Behind the Scenes

Hi. I am Muhandis Shiddiq. I am an Indonesian studying physics at graduate level at the Florida State University. I did my undergrad study at Department of Physics, Universitas Indonesia. My undergraduate thesis is about symmetry breaking in particle physics through extra dimensions. You can read my thesis here. However, I did not continue my thesis project.

After I graduated from college, My undergraduate thesis adviser, Dr. L. T. Handoko, gave me a new project to work on. It was a theoretical and computational study about comminution processes of nanomaterial in ball mills. This project was done with other students too. We produced some results which were presented in International Workshop On Advanced Material for New and Renewable Energy (AMNRE) and in East Asian Postgraduate Workshop on Nanoscience and Technology. The paper presented in AMNRE appears in AIP Conference Preceedings. In East Asian Postgraduate Workshop on Nanoscience and Technology, I won the Best Poster Presenter Award, you can look up the news here. Besides presenting our results in conferences, we also published in a peer-reviewed journal, you can read our paper here.

Right now, I am joining Dr. Stephen Hill‘s group at FSU Magnet Lab. We use Electron Magnetic Resonance Technique (EMR) to probe the characteristics of magnetic materials. This blog is mostly about my research, my life in the lab.


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